Sunday, July 31, 2011

About Me

Welcome Folks! Diycozycorner is a blog whereby we can discuss our knitting, crocheting, sewing and other handmade stuffs. Beside I also love cooking, travelling and cycling.

I’m neither a good writer nor a good reader either. I like to have conversations with photos/pictures. I don't write much because as I said I'm not a good writer. Basically I’m a self taught knitter. My mom’ she’s teach me how to start knitting and my sis’ she teach me how to begin crochet. Talent needs to be polished and beside of talent also interest so that only I can master the art of knitting very well.  Some people were telling me knitting patterns are much nicer than crochet patterns but I don’t think so, I say both are nice.

I stop knitting and crocheting for years. But than living in a hectic life and I start my knitting again because I have to say I find it relaxing when I knit and knitting brings me peace of mind. I enjoyed knitting very much. So I further my creative spirit that thrive beyond myself and start blogging by sharing my knitting finish on blog.

I never realize there are so many crafters out there like me. We all have the same passion of creative.